Transnational Meetings


Transnational meeting in Sant Andreu de la Barca, Barcelona

17-21.01.2017 -Transnational Meeting Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona), Spain

The launch of the project has not been easy: the coordinating school replaced the lead teacher, who changed her job position, and the ban of some countries to visit Turkey forced to change the timeline. But the schools decided to swap the kick-off TN meeting in Tarsus, Turkey by the final TN meeting i

n Barcelona and get the project running.

The learning activities in Turkey will wait up to the end of the ban in Poland and Malta if possible. The coordinators fine tuned the timeline of the exchanges and transnational meetings.

The team of coordinators made the initial evaluation of the project: comparison of school calendars, explanation about their target students about English skills, ages, possibilities to collaborate in-between learning activities’ meetings) made us decide to advance the fine tuning of activities and writing of lesson plans. The rules of the game and general guidelines were also set.

The coordinators decided to plan a framework for the first learning activities and the details for the game in Sliema, Malta. The lesson plans of the activities were written in advance to be checked in the different stages of the project, and refine the proposal after experience if needed.

Icebreaking and teambuilding activities for the teachers, and the social program after the meetings were a very important part of the agenda. The team of coordinators got very well together and the light-hearted mood of Barcelona was a key for further development of activities and exchanges.

The partner schools exchanged good practice and experience about gamification, CLIL methodology, use of English/German as vehicular language among students, inclusion of migrant/refugee students in the regular classrooms, and the use of games and technology in the classroom.

A short training on gamification and storytelling techniques was provided by an expert to make sure every coordinator was aware of the methodology and the goals of the project, and the documentation of the training was uploaded in the project website, available for th

e general public. The application states a public training at the start of the project, but we decided to be done near of the end of the project, to include the lessons learnt from experience.

Detailed account of the evaluation report of the transnational meeting of Barcelona


Transnational meeting in Gdansk, Poland

17-19.05.2017 – Transnational meeting, Gdansk, Poland

This transnational meeting was intended for mid-term evaluation purposes. The team evaluated both the development of the learning activities in Poland and the whole project during the school year 2016-17 and prepared the guidelines of the intermediate report.

The coordinators exchanged information and useful tips about the writing of the intermediate report, compared the training provided by their National Agencies and shared experience about the use of the Mobility Tool+

They exchanged the results of the different evaluations done locally with their own school’s teams and management, and the impressions of the students attending the learning activities and in the classroom. A discussion of the evidences of impact of the project in the short term in the schools was held, and the proposals for the next school year.


Detailed account of the evaluation report of the transnational meeting of Gdansk


06-09.11.2017 – Transnational meeting, Athens, Greece

The important decision about what to do about learning activities and transnational meeting in Turkey had to be taken, and discussions/consultations took nearly all the available time because it was not easy to reach an agreement. Declaration of state of emergency in Turkey was renewed again, and coordinators decided after consultation with Foreign Affair Ministries recommendations to cancel learning activities/short term exchanges because the nearest international airport to Tarsus was judged by some partners’ school councils to be too close to Syrian border. Turkish coordination insisted constantly to organize both events and about the absolute security of the region contributing sound evidence and data. Agreement was taken by simple majority poll, and National Agencies were requested for approval and permission to replace student’s mobilities.

Malta was set as hosting site for transnational meeting, replacing Turkey, and date decided. 25 Gimnazjum of Gdansk informed officially about the change of its legal status and name to X Liceum Ogólnokształcące Gdańsk. First teachers evaluation of learning activities with the new augmented reality platform support was very good, waiting for the test of game in Napflio castle. Early evidence of improvement of English and soft skills on students were reported from mark reports of school year 2016-17.

Detailed account of the evaluation report of the transnational meeting in Athens

27-30.05.2018 – Transnational meeting in Sliema, Malta

A in-depth revision of the whole project development and evaluation evidences was held. Lessons learnt were gathered and included into project’s reports and updates of methodology mini-guide. Coordinators offered networking contacts for future projects and private student exchanges.  A first draft of final report was agreed to be finished

Detailed account of the evaluation report of the transnational meeting in Sliema