Teacher’s training

The team of teachers is composed by primary and secondary school teachers, specialising in many different fields as English as Foreign Language (EFL), Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF), Technologies, Art, Sciences, Music, Sports, History or Religion, among others. The levels of awareness and training on game-based learning and gamification, and even in foreign language or Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is really different.

The application form proposal of a training for our own team, to become a webinar or learning event later, was first used at the beginning of the project in the transnational meeting of Barcelona.

Teacher’s public training on gamification

We contacted the Spanish eTwinning NSS offering the training as Learning Event, but it was not possible in the current school year, so offered a teacher’s training only as eTwinning webinar. The aim was to solve possible gaps in training of the teachers participating in the project, and to do it once. eTwinning webinar took place on 11.07.20018

The training was planned as a webinar or a MOOC online during the project’s life, and maybe more teachers from more schools would be interested to take advantage. But after many difficulties to match the agendas of teachers coming from six different countries, we decided to offer the training to the coordinators in the first transnational meeting, and exchanged good practice.

Coordinators transferred their knowledge to their fellow teachers and school management.

The following presentation is the teaching materials offered in eTwinning webinar. Just click over the image to access the teacher’s training presentation.

Teacher’s training on gamification in secondary schools

Metaverse training

It was required some initial training on Metaverse platform for teachers creating the augmented reality game. As Metaverse is very new and has not proper training materials, we developed our own training too.

Please click over the picture to download the presentation.