Sliema, Malta

13-18.03.2017. Learning activities and short exchange of students in Sliema, Malta

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13.03.2017. The headmistress of Newark School  welcomed the delegations and visited the school.

The teachers could observe their Maltese fellows applying CLIL methodology in classrooms of different levels to students coming from more than 10 countries on average.

After the visit, the teachers and students did teambuilding activities. They introduced their own schools and castles.

In the afternoon they visited Valletta and learnt about the EU presidency of Malta.

14.03.2017. The students introduced their legends and found the simmilarities. They also discussed about their favourite videogames and started to plan the first rules of the game.

The teachers exchanged good practice in the use of ICT, game-based learning and gamification in their classrooms.

In the afternoon the delegations visited the Domus Romana and the city of Mdina, scenery of videogames as Game of Thrones.

15.03.2017. The students and teachers tested the first draft of the rules and the set of questions and tests made by all of the teams. Some of the students played the role of Legendary Characters and joined the teams dressed in disguise.

In the afternoon the teams visited Fort St. Elmo of Valletta and learnt about the History of Malta and its many connections with Italy, Greece, Turkey and Spain.

16.03.2017. It was expected to play the game outdoor in Birgu, but the bad weather conditions forced the organizers to change plans and delay the game for the next day, when much better weather was forecasted.

The students spent the day together and made some teambuilding activities instead. They had a farewell dinner in the city center.

17.03.2017. The team of teachers and students made together the evaluation of the rules and the game to be played indoor.

A beautiful customized cake was a brilliant and unexpected surprise for everyone!

In the afternoon, the teams headed to Fort St. Angelo, scenery of many videogames and tested the play of the first stage of the game outdoor.

Many students said they learnt more in five days of exchanges and shared motivating activities than in a whole year of traditional learning. The game indoor run smooth and easily, but the game outdoor became somehow messy. The teams learnt important lessons from test and practice to be used in the next stages.