Sant Andreu de la Barca, Spain

7-11.05.2018. Learning activities and short exchange of students in Sant Andreu de la Barca

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07.05.2018. Students attended classes and teachers did classroom observations. Students held a workshop on coding with Scratch. Team building activities in Catalunya en Miniatura, study visit to monument and traditions model exhibition. Physical activities were related to team building and geoposition.

08.05.2018. Study visit to Montserrat monastery to learn about relationship between symbols, Nature, Art and Architecture. Workshop of traditional cuisine in school.

09.05.2018. Study visit to Barcelona, focusing on Sagrada Familia’s symbols and its relationship with monastery of Montserrat’s nature and symbols. Photo scavenger hunt of the European flag across Barcelona to celebrate the of Day of Europe.

10.05.2018. Study visit to Dali museum to learn about shared traditional symbols in Art focusing on Mediterranean traditions. The educational foundation of Dali museum provided valuable resources and materials useful for CLIL classes to teachers. Visit to medieval old town of Pals and fishing port of Calella de Palafrugell.

10.05.2018. Play of last stage of game in Gelida castle by using augmented reality Metaverse platform. The last play of the game included the lessons learnt in earlier stages, smoothly running. Questions were refined including language scaffolding questions. Both teachers and students had a enjoyable experience. It must be avoided to team students with very similar language skills. European evening with families and teachers including a workshop on Catalan traditional human towers.

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