O6_Anthem and dance of the project

The score of the anthem and the photographies and video recordings of the dance is available online.

The teams used as first choice a typical Polish dance.

Dance production was transferred to Greece, as group dancing is one of the main features of Greek culture and traditions. Students shared techniques and the activity was a really successful one.


Students performed a dance based on traditional Greek dance.

5.35 min video recording

Italy provided score and lyrics for the anthem. Huge differences among student’s music and English skills made not possible a quality workshop nor performance. They can be played by clicking the following links.



  • Main outcomes for the teachers
  • Awareness of physical team activity for team building
  • They collaborated to organize effectively the workshop
  • In some cases they participated actively on dance activities, improving team cohesion
  • Main outcomes for the students
  • Enhanced team interactions
  • Awareness of european inmaterial traditions and cultural heritage
  • Development of dance skills