O1_Book of the common legend

This tale gives context to game design, storytelling, rules and also made aware the students about the many points in common between video game storytelling and european traditions.


This is the digital edition of the book containing the presentations made by the students and the common legend that comes out.

Has been printed together with the methodology miniguide.

Click over this link to read the digital edition in .pdf.


Students researched their castle’s common legends and created a presentation introduced to their fellows in Malta.
In Poland they outlined similarities and points in common among different countries. After they produced in groups different alternatives for the storytelling and the book’s illustrations.

  • Main outcomes for the pupils
  • All of the pupils improved their skills in English thanks to peer-to peer learning
  • They learnt about the different cultures of the partner regions in the project; differences and similarities through the research on local folklore, legends and storytelling techniques
  • Art-based learning of the use of symbolic representation to express concepts and ideas
  • They developed a growth mindset after being left alone in front of their international peers and teachers
  • They learnt to discuss opinions and opposite points of view in front of fellows coming from different cultures and styles of self-expression.
  • Main outcomes for the teachers
  • Coordination of the development of the activity, managing effectively pupil’s behaviour from different countries.
  • Experience of the partner countries’ different learning styles and Art-based teaching
  • Use of Art-based teaching in the classroom for non-Art teachers
  • Practise of CLIL teaching strategies in an international environment