Kamaterou-Athens, Greece

06-10.11.2017. Learning activities and short exchange of students in Kamaterou-Athens, Greece

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06.11.2017. The representative of the city council, Mr. Papanikolaou Periklis and the Inspector Dr. Macri Dimitra welcomed the week of activities and exchanges after the public play of a theater performance based in the legend of Nafplio castle according to Homer’s Oddisey

The students teamed to create the categories and avatars for Moodle, and they shared their knowledge about gaming and digital image creation.

07.11.2017. The students and teachers visited the castle of Nafplio, and tested a Metaverse based and a Aurasma based Augmented Reality games. They had to chase geolocated legendary characters asking questions and riddles to find a hidden sword. The Sorceress team won and the best choice was Aurasma.

08.11.2017. The teams visited Acropolis and its national museum and learnt from ancient Greek traditions to improve the development of the game.

09.11.2017. Study visit to Delphi to learn more about ancient traditions, Greek mythology and its many links with modern videogames


10.11.2017. The students attended classes with their partners and they participated in an European evening with families and teachers. They created and performed a second test of the project’s dance, after watching a traditional Greek dance performance.

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