Isernia, Italy

19-23.03.2018. Learning activities and short exchange of students in Isernia, Italy

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19.03.2018. Delegates of the regional council of education of Molise and the regional Molise office in the European Parliament attended the welcome celebration, inspired in Italian Rinascimento Age.


After a exchange time with students and teachers of Istituto Comprensivo Giovanni XXIII, the teams visited Isernia and learnt more about the city and the whole local community.

20.103.2018. Teams did a study visit to the partially buried Roman city Pompei and Naples, and learnt more about . Very bad weather conditions  (snow and heavy rains) made the study visit to Pompei really challenging, and didn’t allow to visit the Maschio Angiolino castle in Naples.

21.03.2018. Students shared classroom time with their partners in Istituto Comprensivo Giovanni XXIII, while teachers visited San Leucio and San Lazzaro primary schools. Students  of both schools performed a welcome ceremony, and teachers learnt from first-hand experience about the implementation of Reggio approach to learning spaces, educational robotics and coding in early school years and exchanging good practice experiences with them. They are some of the outcomes of a very successful 2016-18 Erasmus+ KA1 consortial project, European Digital Academy and the course  “Innovative Practices for Engaging STEM teaching” attended by the school’s ICT coordinator in the European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab of Brussels.

22.103.2018. Play of the game in Termoli castle. It was planned to play outdoor by the whole group because the castle is not a very large one, but the very bad weather conditions forced the team of teachers to decide to play indoor a reduced version for individual players, only the students wearing the game’s dresses.

The unplanned outcome was the students collaborating by asking each other instead of competing among them. The whole group version was played in the afternoon in the school’s gym.

23.103.20178. The teams did a study visit in Florence to learn more about Italian Art, History and traditions. They enjoyed a European evening as farewell celebration.

24.03.2018. A last study visit to Pistoia old town closed the learning activities’ week.


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