Gdansk, Poland

15-19.05.2017. Learning activities and short exchange of students in Gdansk, Poland

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15.05.2017. The Vice-Major of Gdansk, Mr. Piotr Kowalczuk welcomed the week of activities and exchanges. Very interesting teambuilding activities took place in the sports hall and on the sports field to get to know the international teams.

Vice-Major Mr. Kowalczuk
Teambuilding activities in the sports hall









16.05.2017. The students and teachers visited the castle of Gniew, its museums and had lunch in a typical bonfire. After they visited the Kwidzyn castle and played the second stage of the game. The winner team was the Knight answering all of the questions.

Game in Kwidzyn castle

17.05.2017. The teams visited Sopot and its Archaeological Museum. They learnt traditional techniques and sports like archery. The archery trainers used natural CLIL strategies to manage an international group of students. After they visited Sopot Pier.

Lessons on traditional archery

18.05.2017. Study visit to the old town of Gdansk and attendance to an archaeology workshop in the Archaeological Museum of the city. Study visit at the European Solidarity Center, and art workshop in international groups.

Art workshop

19.05.2017. The students attended a computer games workshop and developed the common legend by using the common elements of the legends introduced in Malta.

Computer games workshop