SCHOOL LEVEL. A dedicated corner and posters on each school updated our educational communities. Every school has a link on their website frontpage to the project’s website. Schools performed diffusion events like meetings with parents’ associations, educational authorities (inspectors, pedagogical advisoring boards…), cultural and performing arts events like concerts, theater, photography exhibitions… open to local communities. School’s newspapers/newsletters/social media updated about project’s development.

Poster in Çukurova Sanayi


LOCAL LEVEL. Local media were updated about project development by press releases and social media updates. We contacted local newspapers, radio, tv, information websites and city council’s press service whenever available for collaboration and advice about  difusion of our events. City majors and representatives of Tarsus, Gdansk, Kamatero-Athens and Gelida city councils attended events and play of game.  


REGIONAL/NATIONAL LEVEL. Specialized media on pedagogy were contacted and published articles about methodology. Press releases were sent to regional/national media and a Greek national TV  released a report about the project. Inspectors and regional advisors/delegates attended local events, and were offered lesson plans/methodology advice to be transferred to trainings and curriculum development to the wider school community. Delegates of societies of castles preservation and archaeologists attended the play of the game.

EUROPEAN LEVEL. A training session on gamification for eTwinning community has been offered as webinar. National ambassadors training teachers have been contacted, and offered our training materials and learnings from this project. Delegates of regional representations in EU Parliament were contacted and attended events in Italy.

EU RESULTS PLATFORM CARD https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/projects/eplus-project-details/#project/2016-1-ES01-KA219-024958

INTERNATIONAL LEVEL. Articles in specialized international magazines like Dutch CLIL Magazine have been published, and we expect to continue exploitation of project results on the mid and long term. Metaverse platform’s international website has updated our project and teaching strategies recommendations have been offered to Metaverse’s educational pool and community.

Metaverse. AR Castle Tour

Metaverse. Create Magic in your classroom

All of our creations are offered for free under Creative Commons licence for attribution, non commercial, non derivative works. They are all available on this project’s website and the European Results Platform. Games on Kahoot! and Metaverse free platforms are tagged under Erasmus+ and they are worldwide available. Our Moodle course can be downloaded and easily used as Moodle is an open source platform

HOLLAND: CLIL Magazine Fall 2016 issue, pag 22




Mr. Mehmet Erişik, Çukurova Sanayi’s Headmaster introduces the project to Tarsus District Governor Mr. Yüksel Ünal



Permanent Erasmus+ room




Visit of the Vice-Major of Gdansk Mr. Piotr Kowalczuk to the opening ceremony of the learning activities week


Public presentation for the school’s community. Introduction by Mrs. Dimitra Macri, Deputy Inspector of Attica Region

04.05.2017 Didactic presentation of Kahoot and of the project in the “Innovative school ampelokipi Athens”

19.05.2017 Presentation of the project’s first year in the education office by students because we were in Poland

08.06.2017 Presentation of the project in neighbourn schools community

29.05.2017 Presentation of the project in our own school community by participating students

21.06.2017 Interschool seminar and teaching methods to other teachers from the prefecture’s school community

06.11.2017 Public welcome by inspector Dr. Macri Dimitra and Mr. Papanikolaou Periklis, responsible for the education and cultural matters of the municipality Agioi Anargyroi.

06.11.2017. Interview by ERT, a national greek TV broadcast.

22.05.2018 Presentation to regional secondary school teachers

06.07.2018. Project’s showcase as good practice by Greek national agency in Erasmus+/eTwinning public diffusion event


School newspaper

whole gallery of diffusion in Greece



15, 17 and 20.03.2018. Primo Piano Molise magazine (click over picture to access press clipping)

13.03.2018. Molise Protagonista. Mobilità erasmus k2, La Giovanni XXIII ospita studenti e docenti di cinque paesi europei

14.03.2018. Isernia News. La Giovanni XXIII accoglie a Isernia gli studenti di cinque Paesi europei

20.03.2018. Il Giornale del Molise. Isernia. Progetto Erasmus, delegazioni di 5 Paesi europei ospiti della Giovanni XXIII



19.11.2017 Sunday Times . Sliema school in ‘learning gamification’ EU project



SPAIN: Aula de Secundaria, Editorial Graó.  spring 2017, issue 21. (only available for payment subscribers)


TV network Xarxa Local of Barcelona province

Sant Andreu TV interview with Erasmus+ coordinator (from min. 16:27)

Official Facebook of city council of Gelida

Official Instagram of tourism office of Gelida

13.05.2018. Delivery of gamified visit guide to delegates of city council of Gelida and castle society of preservation

Culture city counsellor of Gelida and delegates of castle society of preservation



Download clicking over the titles

01.09.2016. Lauch of Erasmus+ project

20.03.2017. Learning Activities in Sliema, Malta

22.05.2017. Learning Activities in Gdansk, Poland

17.11.2017. Learning Activities in Athens, Greece

19-23.03.2018. Learning activities in Isernia, Italy

7-11.05.2018. Learning activities in Sant Andreu de la Barca, Spain

31.07.2018. End project update